Jim Lovell Interview Video!

Exciting announcement— new YouTube video from the Back to Space Ambassadors! Some of our interview footage from our interview with Captain Jim Lovell is shown here, where we asked questions submitted by our followers on various social media platforms. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOTZJrDENKM Just to recap— in February, I got to travel from Dallas, Texas to Chicago, Illinois... Continue Reading →


The Most Magical Place on Earth

Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to visit Disney World in Orlando for the very first time! People always talk about Disney as “the most magical place on Earth,” but going as a senior in high school allowed me to understand some of the science behind that magic, which made me appreciate it even more.... Continue Reading →

Your Perfect Spaceflight Playlist

“To Touch A Star” is the album you need in your adventurous but sometimes boring life. Caution, might be a catchy addition to your shower jukebox. Got two ears and some spare time? If yes, I think you want to take a scroll and take in sixteen amazing but little-known space-inspired songs  (not in any... Continue Reading →

Girl Power: Back to Space at GEMS

I pulled into the parking garage and I could immediately feel the energy. There were girls and moms carrying sleeping bags everywhere I looked. They had just spent a night at the Houston Museum of Natural Science with their Girl Scout troops. I saw girls of all ages practically bouncing, ready to go back into... Continue Reading →

This Month in Zodiac: Pisces

The zodiac sign from February 19-March 20 is Pisces. This constellation’s name comes from the Latin word for fish. According to Greek mythology, two fish called Ichthyes help the goddess Aphrodite and her son Eros escape from the monster Typhon after he descends upon Mount Olympus. In another version of the legend, Aphrodite and Eros... Continue Reading →

NASA SEES Internship: Apply Now!

Heads up sophomores and juniors: there’s an amazing summer program that you should apply for! It’s called STEM Enhancement in Earth Science, or SEES. It’s a free two-week internship through NASA where you work with scientists, engineers, and brilliant students from around the country to complete projects ranging from designing a CubeSat to coding programs... Continue Reading →

Astronaut Spotlight: Al Worden

Al Worden, Apollo 15 Command Module Pilot In October, the Back to Space Ambassadors had the opportunity to meet Apollo astronaut Al Worden, who is working with Back to Space to inspire our generation to pursue STEM and reach for the stars! Al Worden was born February 7, 1932 in Jackson, Michigan. Growing up, Worden... Continue Reading →

A Roller Coaster Ride

Monday morning, 40 minutes before school starts. The hallways were silent. The classrooms were empty. The building was peaceful-- except for the hall upstairs outside of the physics room. There, most of the AP Physics C students stood, chatting nervously, rehearsing presentations, pushing ball bearings onto model roller coasters and hoping they wouldn’t fall off... Continue Reading →

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