Your Perfect Spaceflight Playlist

“To Touch the Stars” is the album you need in your adventurous but sometimes boring life. Caution, might be a catchy addition to your shower jukebox.

Got two ears and some spare time? If yes, I think you want to take a scroll and take in sixteen amazing but little-known space-inspired songs  (not in any favorite order).

Right before we begin, allow me to throw in a little history. In the eighties, a group under Off Centaur Publications created a cassette called Minus Ten and Counting. It was recorded in a living room by a bunch of broke science fiction fans. In 2004 Prometheus Music remade the album and added new songs.

You can check out the full album here. And if you would like to use Back to Space’s very own playlist, look no further than here (we just made it– follow our Spotify for all of your space-music needs). All of the listed songs can be found on YouTube, Spotify and most other places where you get your music.

Let’s get into it!

#1: Witnesses’ Waltz

Performed by Kristoph Klover

This is a super nice song with a ballad-like theme. The song paints a picture of masses flocking to space shuttle launches and take-offs.

Check Out The Song!

#2: Big Blue Sky

Performed by Stan Clardy

This song is also pretty awesome! It has an indie-pop-a-little-rock sound to it. I really like it because it talks about a kid’s dream to become an astronaut and how he admires the big blue sky.

Check Out The Song!

#3: Fire in the Sky

Performed by Kristoph Klover

This song is also by Kristoph Klover! It has way more of a “folk” sound. It romanticizes the passage of fire from man to man. It goes from Yuri Gagarin to Neil Armstrong. I recommend this for any video editing purposes you may have.

Check Out The Song!

#4: Now’s the Time to Touch a Star

Performed by Karl Franzen

I cannot tell you how much I love this song. It talks about the beginning of man, where we are now, and what we must do. It features a really nice chorus that gives me goosebumps.

Check Out The Song!

#5: Hope Eyrie

Performed by Julia Ecklar

Frankly, Julia Ecklar was one pearl of a singer. Her voice is just beautiful and the way she romanticizes the Eagle’s descent to the moon during Apollo 11 is stunning. This song is a little slow but meaningful.

Check Out The Song!

#6: Surprise!

Performed by Gunnar Madsen

No way in any world would I have thought that an old Soviet tune would be pretty good. Gunnar nails this song by telling the tale of how Sputnik gave America a boot into the space race.

Check Out The Song!

#6: The Pioneers of Mars

Performed by Karen Linsley

This song talks about the future explorers of the planet Mars. I am frankly not a big fan of this song: it is slow and I didn’t wait around to hear anything exciting or soul-touching.

Check Out The Song!

#7: If We Had No Moon

Performed by Christine Lavin

Not going to lie, this isn’t the greatest of songs, but it is still pretty good. It has an eerie sound that paints a suspenseful landscape of the Moon’s creation. At the end she lists some pretty scary facts that really makes you wanna hug the moon and tell it to never go away.

It starts a bit slow, but it picks up well.

Check Out The Song!

#8: I Want to Go To Mars

Performed by The Birdwatchers

Dying to get away from our life’s problems? Oh yeah, me too. The Birdwatchers feel the same way. This song has a real nice rock-pop sound to it that makes you wanna sing along. It talks about how they want to go to Mars. No duh.

Check Out The Song!

#9: Star Fire

Performed by Julia Ecklar

Another Julia Ecklar hit song! It romanticizes star-fire, which I believe symbolizes the yearn and ambition to rocket up into space. It sways a little rock and talks about how we yearn to fly.

Check Out The Song!

#10: Others Standing By

Performed by Kristoph Klover

Kristoph Klover makes some really good songs and this doesn’t fall short. This song is addressed to all those who ask the question, “Why should we even go up to space?” This is a really nice alternative-rock-sounding song. Be careful though: you might find yourself singing this!

Check Out The Song!

#11: The Challenge

Performed by Karen Linsley

This song has a slow but patriotic feel to it. Karen Linsely sings from the heart about man’s greatest challenge of trekking the cosmo.

Check Out The Song!

#12: Dog on the Moon

Performed by Garry Novikoff

Oh. My. Goodness. This. Song. Is. So. EVERYTHING. You won’t believe how this song goes. It starts to talk about a dog, and then the guy realizes that the dog’s been on the moon and he tells the story about the dog. It has both riveting tunes and some comedical parts. It also makes you feel bad for Garry. This song has a really nice guitar-strum-sing-along twinkle to it.

Check Out The Song!

#14: Queen Isabella

Perofrmed by Kristoph Klover

Whhhhaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttt? This song makes no sense when you take a first look at it. But then you realize that Queen Isabella let Christopher Columbus make an expedition to the New World. This song makes a parallel to the Christopher Columbus days and today’s space exploration circumstances. It is a nice song that has a more pop-ballad feel.

Check Out The Song!

#15: Legends

Performed by Julia Ecklar

What is Julia Ecklar’s best song? I can’t tell you, but what I can tell you is that Legends is up there. This song makes you want to lay back and just stare into nothingness. It has a sad-yet-nostalgic sound to it in an almost-ballad format. Julia’s voice portrays pride and a sense of patriotism. The song talks about the good days of space travel. Here is a quick lyric peek, “once upon a time they tore the gantries down.” See what I mean?!

Check Out The Song!

#16: Dance on the Ceiling

Performed by Gunnar Madsen

I’ve spoken mostly good things of this album but frankly, this song isn’t my favorite. It depicts dancing on a space station. It might just not fit my taste, but it might fit pop-lovers. It has a very quick-paced rhythm. It is still worthwhile to check out.

Check Out The Song!

We hope you found some new additions to your favorite spaceflight playlist. Got some recommendations– cool songs you know or even ones you wrote? Let us know in the comments!

Post by Farouk Charkas


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