High Altitude Balloon Launch!

Fresh off the incredible Apollo 50th Anniversary, our Back to Space Ambassadors are excited to share with you our next event! On August 10th in Southern California, we will be launching a high-altitude balloon with collect weather data, GoPro footage, and much more.

              Headed up by Ambassador Krystal Horton, our team will be traveling to California on August 9th to begin prep for the launch the following day. Krystal has just finished building the stabilization equipment mount (stay tuned for her tutorial video) that will hold our cameras and gear during the entire flight! Filled with helium, the balloon has a maximum altitude of around 95,000 feet, but with our payload we expect it to climb to 80,000. At that height the balloon will be well into the stratosphere and thousands of feet above the ozone layer allowing us to capture incredible footage of the earth and its atmosphere such as these:

These images were captured by a previous launch by Krystal and her team.

Once the balloon has finally popped, there will be a small parachute that allows it to glide down at about twice the rate it ascended. Our team will then track down the balloon using the GPS system attached, collect our data and footage, and share it with you!

As we get closer to the event, the ambassadors be sharing more details on the balloon and everything else being launched. Stay tuned as there will be ways you can contribute regardless of location! However, if you are in the Southern California region and would like to join us as we launch the balloon, feel free to reach out so we can give you more specific details on where we will be; we’d love to have you!

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